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Bioinformatics Technician

The aim of this programme is to familiarize students about the usage of computational biology techniques for genomics and proteomics analysis. With the ease and availability of next generation sequencing technology large sequence data sets can be generated in a short span of time. However the analysis of this data set needs some expertise in the area of bioinformatics. The candidates will have hands on training for handling large data sets and its analysis. Deep analysis and management of large datasets will help in understanding the biological problem in details. Creating and managing database will also provide easy access to other researchers. This programme will benefit students and researchers working in the area of genomics and proteomics. This training programme is aimed at students and researchers working in this area or planning to start work in this area.



208 Hours

No. of seats



Educational qualification


Post Graduates, Industry representatives, and other researchers

Age group


20-35 years

Course fee


Rs 20,000/- (Individuals), Rs. 30,000/-(Sponsored)




Certificate will be issued to the successful candidates by the institute under CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative or ASCI.
Course Outline
            Topics for Theory Classes

  1. Introduction to Bioinformatics
  2. Tools available for In silico analysis
  3. Transcriptome/Genome sequencing and its analysis
  4. Epigenome sequencing and analysis
  5. Phylogenomics
  6. Small RNA sequencing
  7. Database construction and management
  8. Protein structure visualisation and Molecular Docking and Dynamics

            Topics for Practical Classes

  1. HiSEQ sequence assembly and annotation
  2. Protein Family Identification
  3. Gene Ontology analysis
  4. Pathway analysis
  5. Differential gene expression analysis
  6. Microarray analysis
  7. Co-expression network construction
  8. Data Visualisation
  9. Multiple sequence alignment and tree construction
  10. Biological Database development with web interface (MySQL, .NET)
  11. Programming for sequence analysis ( C, C++, Java, Perl)
  12. Protein structure visualisation
  13. Molecular Docking and dynamics