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योजना, निगरानी और मूल्यांकन प्रभाग

The Planning & Monitoring Division of the institute primarily coordinates, monitors and facilitates the functioning of all R&D projects/activities undertaken by various R&D groups of the Institute. The major activities carried out by the division are:

   Preparation of annual and five- year plan documents.

     Database management for R&D project (in –house, sponsored, collaborative, grant –in –aid, consultancy, NMITLI and network projects).

     Scrutiny and evaluation of new research proposals.

     Project number allotment and maintenance of records of R&D projects.

     Technical manpower planning and human resource development.

     Organization of Research Council (RC) meetings and preparation of RC agenda

     Assistance in audit of R&D projects.

     Coordination between various agencies with respect to R&D activities.

     Examination, evaluation and processing of indents.

     Distribution of money realized from license fee/royalty/consultancy.

     Liaison between CSIR Hq and Institute with respect to research activities reporting.

     Disseminate various guideline of CSIR to the scientist concerned as and when required.

     Maintenance of repository of data of Research Projects.

     Maintenance of Final Technical Reports of the Research Projects for future reference.



             Dr. A.K.Gauniyal
             Sr. Principal Scientist
             Phone: 0522-2297806/ Fax: 0522-2206239
             E-Mail: a.k.gauniyal[at] ,