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[ Information, Publication and Library Division ]

IPL functions as one of the core S&T support systems of the Institute. It primarily caters to the information needs of scientists, researchers, students, industrialists, planners, administrators, and people from other walks of life on various aspects of plant sciences and related research disciplines.
With its three constituent functional units, IPL serves as a gateway for science dissemination and as a knowledge resource centre for the benefit of a wide user groups. The main functions of IPL include collection, collation, publication and effective dissemination of the S&T information resources generated by the Institute through different communication tools, including print and electronic media.

Information Unit : It serves as the principal communication link between the Institute and its stakeholder groups. It organizes scientific events, press meets, celebration of national and international days of scientific, technological and strategic importance to the Institute and our nation, besides showcasing the Institute’s publication and other R&D outputs to the science community and the public through different media and means.

Publication Unit : Its primary function is publication of the research and development outcomes and outputs of the Institute in the form of NBRI News Letter (a quarterly in - house publication), Annual Report, and other science and popular books, bulletins and calendars on different themes of topical interests on plants, environment, biotechnology, agro-technology, ornamental horticulture, etc.

Library: NBRI–KRC (Knowledge Resource Centre):  The library is the designated Knowledge Resource Centre of the Institute and provides services and facilities to meet the S&T knowledge requirement of the R& D Groups of the Institute and other user groups as well. The KRC repository at NBRI includes :Books (29095); Periodicals–
Bound Volumes (30500), Currently subscribed periodicals (Indian + Foreign) - including print only (333), Print + online (5),Online only subscribed through NBRI -KRC (21), Online periodicals subscribed through CSIR-Consortium (472), Complimentary periodicals (51); Online/CD-ROM Databases;OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue); Biological Abstracts on CD-ROM from 1995 to 2005; ASTM standards onCD-ROM; ISI WEB OF KNOWLDEGE (
Web of Science); QPAT patent database.

Contact :
Dr. P. A. Shirke
Sr. Principal Scientist
Ph: 2297869, 2297872

Dr. Kamla Kulshreshtha
Principal Scientist
Ph: 2297872,870, 869

Publication & Library :
Dr. K. N. Nair
Sr. Principal Scientist
Ph: 2297852