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Modern Garden Technician

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The ‘Certificate-course on Modern Garden Techniques’ shall provide required knowhow to young unemployed youth/people to develop and create job/self-employment capabilities. The course targets different aspects & methods of modern gardening which are in tune with today’s requirement of aesthetic green surroundings with lots of breathing space in modern urban landscape and should create/provide suitable employment opportunities. After the successful completion of the programme, the candidate will be able to demonstrate skill-set and provide services for gardening jobs in the hotel industry, landscape development for housing schemes, public sector undertakings, private companies, city buildings, houses, parks etc. It will help generate handsome income for the not-much-literate unemployed youth and would lead to entrepreneurship development in this area. The programme targets to provide training to not-much-literate, unemployed youth (10+2 pass) in particularly modern areas of gardening which will open new job avenues & opportunities for them. Faculty for the course shall be drawn from the expertise available with CSIR-NBRI and if required external experts would be co-opted from academia/government/industry.



240 Hours

No. of seats



Educational qualification



Age group


20-30 years

Course fee


Rs. 10,000 (Rs. 20,000 for sponsored)




Candidates would be evaluated based upon the written tests, practical skill-tests and viva voce test to be conducted by the experts in the area. Candidates securing 70% marks or above in total (and securing not less than 60% in any test) shall be deemed qualified.
Successful candidates would be provided with ‘Certificate in Modern Garden Techniques’.
Course Outline
The proposed programme shall be conducted as a 240 Hours course/module in which both theory (30% and hands-on practical training (70%) would be provided on the following topics which will be covered during the course:
1.   Bonsai Technique;
2.   Vertical Gardening;
3.   Development of Terrace Garden;
4.   Lawn development and maintenance;
5.   Developing landscapes; (Rockery, aquatic, theme-based; site-specific, indoor)
6.   Organic Kitchen Gardening;
7.   Indoor plants (for freshness & aesthetics) ;
8.   Propagation of Cactii/Succulents/Cycads/Palms/Ferns;
9.   Ornamental plants (Annuals, perennials)

10.  Nursery Management & Methods (Grafting, Layering, budding, rooting, potting, cross-breeding, dehydrated floral craft)