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Sophisticated Instrumental Facility

Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility

During the last decade, there has been a tremendous upsurge in the study of plants as source of medicines, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, biopesticides and several secondary metabolites. Recently, the institute has established a CIF (Central Instrumentation Facility) with high tech and sophisticated instruments to cater the services to the institutes/organizations/individuals. CIF is NABL accreditated and well equipped for physico-chemical and analytical analysis of various plant based products. Under this facility NBRI provides the services for the analysis of essential oils, vegetable oils, herbal drugs, and heavy metals using sophisticated analytical instruments like GCMS, IRMS, Td-NMR, GLC, HPLC, HPTLC, LCMS/MS, Flash chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, UV spectrophotometer, Supercritical Carbon dioxide extraction and Stereomicroscope etc. In addition, CSIR-NBRI has developed state-of-art infrastructure required for molecular biology as well as development of transgenic plants and their further characterization.


Equipments available with SIF

  • Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCEF)
  • HPLC
  • Flash Chromatography
  • AAS
  • GLC
  • GC-MS
  • IRMS
  • IRMS
  • TD-NMR
  • Plant Growth chambers
  • Typhoon Imaging Phosphoimager
  • Confocal microscope
  • SEM
  • TEM
  • Cytoflourometry
  • 96 Capillary Sequencing System
  • ICP-MS
  • Supercomputing facility-PARAM SHAVAK

    Details of some of the equipments

    1. Name of Equipment          :           GC-MS


    Model                                      :           DSQ-II (Thermo Scientific)
    Application                             :           identification of chemical constituents
    Range of detection                 :           ppm levels

    2. Name of Equipment          :           IRMS


    Model                                      :           DELTA V (Thermo Scientific)

    Application                             :           isotopic ratio estimation

    3. Name of Equipment          :           TD-NMR


    Model                                      :           MINISPEC (Bruker)
    Application                             :           oil content estimation

    4. Name of Equipment          :           MALDI TOF/TOFMS


    Model:                                     ABI
    Application:                High molecular weight determination

    5. Name of Equipment          :           Super Critical Fluid Extraction


    Model                                      :           Deven supercriticals Pvt. Ltd. (Technically  assisted by IIT Mumbai)
    Application                             :           Tecnique of extraction by supercritical CO2
    Capacity                                  :           3 L vessel capacity

    6. Name of Equipment          :           Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer


    Model                                      :           Perkin Elmer A Analyst 400
    Application                             :           Determination of trace element.
    Range of detection                 :           ppb to ppm levels

    7. Name of Equipment          :           High Pressure Liquid Chromatography


    Model                                     :           Shimadzu (Prominence): with PDA detector
    Application                             :           Analysis of non-volatile, thermally unstable compounds (secondary metabolites)
    Range of detection                 :           ppm to ppb level

    8. Name of Equipment          :           Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry


    Model                                      :           Applied Biosystem API 2000
    Application                             :           Technique for identification, confirmation and quantification of mass of different metabolites. The instrument gives the classical mass spectra using electrospray and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization The molecular weight information obtained by using either positive or negative chemical ionization mode in mass.

    Range of detection     :           ppb to ppm level

    9. Name of Equipment          :           Tintometer


    Model                                      :           Lovibond tintometer model F
    Application                             :           Determination of color value.
    Range of detection                 :           Y-0.1-99.9, R-0.1-99.9, B-0.1-99.9


    10. Name of Equipment        :           Refractometer


    Model                                      :           Atago DRA1
    Application                             :           Determination of refractive index
    Range of detection                 :           1.3-1.7

    11. Name of Equipment        :           Digital Refractometer


    Mode                                       :           Leica AR 200
    Application                             :           Determination of refractive index
    Range of detection                 :           1.3-1.7

    12. Name of Equipment        :           Steriomicroscope


    Model                                      :           Leica MZ 125
    Application                             :           Technique for magnification
    Range                                      :           infinity corrected 4x, 10x, 40x, (sl) and 100x (sl)

    13. Name of Equipment        :           Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC)


    Model                                      :           Hewlett Packard 6890            : FID ECD detectors
    Application                             :           Analysis of essential oils, Aromachemicals vegetable oils (Fatty acid composition) and pesticides (organochlorine).
    Range of detection                 :           ppb to ppm levels


    14. Name of Equipment        :           Flash Chromatography


    Model                                      :           Biotage-SPI Flash
    Application                             :           Separation and isolation of chemical constituents of extract

    Capacity          :           100 mg-5g of extract

    15. Name of Equipment        : Confocal Microscope


    Model                                      : Zeiss LSM 510          

    Facilities for physico-chemical analysis of herbal drugs, vegetable oils, essential oils and soil are also available in the institute.


    NABL – Accreditation

    NBRI has been acccreditated / since 2008 as per the requirements of ISO-17025/ 2005 from NABL(National Accreditation Board for Calibration and Testing of Laboratories) Department of Science and Technologies (DST), Govt.of India, New Delhi .
    Certificate No. T-1381
    Area of Scope- Herbal drugs
    Essential oils
    Vegetable oils
    Soil and water

    Services Offered

  • Quality Assessment in terms of physic-chemical and instrumental analysis of essential oils, vegetable oils, herbal drugs and soil
  • Standardization of herbal drugs and product profiling
  • Development of new product as per the requirement of industry.