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CSIR-NBRI Skill Development Programmes
CSIR-NBRI is a premier plant research centre, having a unique blend of expertise in classical and advanced plant sciences supported with state-of-art laboratories and infrastructures. Since its inception in 1953, CSIR-NBRI has been engaged in basic and applied botanical, horticultural and biotechnological research, providing S&T services in various sectors, spanning from plant resource identification, documentation, and conservation to bio-prospecting through development of new herbal, biotech, microbial and agri-horticultural technologies, products and services for industrial use and societal benefits. CSIR-NBRI has internationally accredited Herbarium and Botanic Garden, which serve as resource repositories for research, conservation, training and capacity building in botanical and allied disciplines. CSIR-NBRI is one of the NABL accredited laboratories in the area of herbal drug research. The institute has achieved several significant milestones in technology development in the domains of herbal health products, cosmaceuticals, microbial technologies and floral crafts in recent years.

Vision and Mission

Vision statement

Development of a cadre of employable skilled human resource in plant sciences for plant resource utilization.

Mission statement

To provide quality human resource at various levels and types of skills in the field of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, aroma and herbal drugs and plant biotechnology sectors of Indian industry.

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the proposed programmes are

  • Developing employment oriented skill programmes in the core competency areas of CSIR-NBRI
  • Creating a pool of skilled human resource for catering the manpower needs of plant based industries, and promoting their inter-linkages.
  • Aligning the skill programmes with CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative, National Skill Development Council and Sectoral Councils to meet the national objectives.
  • Developing market/industry driven courses with emphasis on hands-on practical learning.
  • Ensuring transparent selection and evaluation processes for achieving societal  inclusiveness.
  • Coordinator of the CSIR-NBRI Skill Development Programmes
    Prof. S.K. Barik, Director   Email:director[at]nbri[dot]res[dot]in

    Nodal Officer
    Dr. S.K. Tewari, Senior Principal Scientist  Email:sktewari[at]nbri[dot]res[dot]in

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    S. No. Skill Development Programme Title Course Leader Course Schedule
    1 Bioinoculant Producer for Agricultural Application Dr. P.S. Chauhan 29th Jan - 28th Feb 2018
    2 Modern Garden Technician Dr. Arvind Jain 9th Feb -20th Mar 2018
    3 Plant Tissue Culture Technician Dr. Pratibha Mishra 29th Jan - 27th Feb 2018
    4 Quality Analysts for Herbal Industry Dr. Sharad Srivastava 26th Mar - 02ndMay 2018
    5 Phytochemicals Analysis Technician Dr. O.P. Siddhu 1st Feb - 9th Mar 2018
    6 Environmental Monitoring Technician Dr. Pankaj Srivastava 1st Feb - 9th Mar 2018
    7 Soil and Water Testing Lab Analyst Dr. Lal Bahadur 9th Feb - 20th Mar 2018
    8 Technician for Molecular Biology Dr. Prabodh Trivedi 15th Feb - 23rd Mar 2018
    9 Bioinformatics Technician Dr. Sumit Bag 29thJan -27th Feb 2018