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S. No. Name Designation Division Ext No. Email
1 DR. S.K. BARIK Director 801 director@nbri.res.in
2 DR. R. S. KATIYAR Chief Scientist Floriculture, Botanic Garden & Eco-education 964 katiyar@nbri.res.in
3 DR. P. A. SHIRKE Chief Scientist Plant Physiology 928 pashirke@nbri.res.in
4 DR. S. K. TEWARI Chief Scientist Distant Res. Centres/Biomass Biology/ Agrotechnology 961 sktewari@nbri.res.in
5 DR. T. S. RANA Sr.Principal Scientist Molecular Systematics/Plant Biodiversity & Conservation Biology 854 ranats@nbri.res.in
6 DR. A. K. GAUNIYAL Sr.Principal Scientist Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation 806 a.k.gauniyal@nbri.res.in
7 DR. K. N. NAIR Sr.Principal Scientist Molecular Taxonomy (Angiosperm) 852 knnair@nbri.res.in
8 DR. SUDHIR SHUKLA Sr.Principal Scientist Cytogenetics And Plant Breeding 936 sudhirshukla@nbri.res.in
9 SH ANAND PRAKASH Sr. Principal Scientist Museum/Ethnobotany 844 a.prakash@nbri.res.in
10 DR. P. K. TRIVEDI Sr. Principal Scientist Plant Gene Expression And Transgenics 958 prabodht@nbri.res.in
11 DR. L. B. CHAUDHARY Sr. Principal Scientist Herbarium (Angiosperm Taxonomy) 855 chaudharylb@nbri.res.in
12 DR. VIVEK PANDEY Sr. Principal Scientist Stress Physiology 929 v.pandey@nbri.res.in
13 DR. SAMIR V. SAWANT Sr. Principal Scientist Plant Molecular Biology 947 samirsawant@nbri.res.in
14 DR. ANIRUDDHA P. SANE Sr. Principal Scientist Plant Gene Expression And Transgenics 959 ap.sane@nbri.res.in
15 SH TALEVAR SINGH Principal Scientist Soil Science 963 tsrahi@nbri.res.in
16 DR. PRATIBHA MISHRA Principal Scientist Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering 921 pratibhamisra@nbri.res.in
17 DR. V. A. SANE Principal Scientist Plant Gene Expression And Transgenics/Ethylene biology, Oil biosynthesis 959 va.sane@nbri.res.in
18 DR. ALOK LEHRI Principal Scientist Central Instrumentation Facility 924 a.lehri@nbri.res.in
19 DR. CH. V. RAO Principal Scientist Pilot Plant/Ethnopharmacology 976 chvrao72@nbri.res.in
20 DR. SAYYADA KHATOON Principal Scientist Pharmacognosy And Ethnopharmacology 817 sayyadak@nbri.res.in