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S. No. Name Designation Division Ext No. Email
321 DR. S.K. BARIK Director 801
322 DR. R. S. KATIYAR Chief Scientist Floriculture, Botanic Garden & Eco-education 964
323 DR. P. A. SHIRKEY Sr. Principal Scientist Plant Physiology 928
324 DR. S. K. TEWARI Sr.Principal Scientist Distant Res. Centres/Biomass Biology/ Agrotechnology 961
325 DR. T. S. RANA Sr.Principal Scientist Molecular Systematics/Plant Biodiversity & Conservation Biology 854
326 DR. A. K. GAUNIYAL Sr.Principal Scientist Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation 806
327 DR. K. N. NAIR Sr.Principal Scientist Molecular Taxonomy (Angiosperm) 852
328 DR. SUDHIR SHUKLA Sr.Principal Scientist Cytogenetics And Plant Breeding 936
329 SH ANAND PRAKASH Sr. Principal Scientist Museum/Ethnobotany 844
330 DR. P. K. TRIVEDI Sr. Principal Scientist Plant Gene Expression And Transgenics 958
331 DR. L. B. CHAUDHARY Sr. Principal Scientist Herbarium (Angiosperm Taxonomy) 855
332 DR. VIVEK PANDEY Sr. Principal Scientist Stress Physiology 929
333 DR. SAMIR V. SAWANT Sr. Principal Scientist Plant Molecular Biology 947
334 DR. ANIRUDDHA P. SANE Sr. Principal Scientist Plant Gene Expression And Transgenics 959
335 SH TALEVAR SINGH Principal Scientist Soil Science 963
336 DR. PRATIBHA MISHRA Principal Scientist Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering 921
337 DR. V. A. SANE Principal Scientist Plant Gene Expression And Transgenics/Ethylene biology, Oil biosynthesis 959
338 DR. ALOK LEHRI Principal Scientist Central Instrumentation Facility 924
339 DR. CH. V. RAO Principal Scientist Pilot Plant/Ethnopharmacology 976
340 DR. SAYYADA KHATOON Principal Scientist Pharmacognosy And Ethnopharmacology 817