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S. No. Name Designation Division Ext No. Email
21 DR. P. K. SINGH Principal Scientist Plant Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering 942 pksingh@nbri.res.in
22 DR. MAHESH PAL Principal Scientist Phytochemistry/NPC 912 m.pal@nbri.res.in
23 DR. SHARAD KUMAR SRIVASTAVA Principal Scientist Pharmacognosy And Ethnopharmacology 818 sharad@nbri.res.in
24 DR. SANJEEVA NAYAKA Principal Scientist Lichenology Lab 851 sanjeeva_n@nbri.res.in
25 DR. ASHISH KUMAR ASTHANA Principal Scientist Bryology Lab 842 ak.asthana@nbri.res.in
26 DR. SANJEEV KUMAR OJHA Principal Scientist Pilot Plant 977 dr.sanjeevojha@nbri.res.in
27 DR. O. P. SIDHU Principal Scientist Biomass Biology 940 ompsidhu@nbri.res.in
28 SHRI VIVEK SRIVASTAVA Principal Scientist Technology Transfer And Business Development, Patent 896 vivek@nbri.res.in
29 DR. SUBHA RASTOGI Principal Scientist Pharmacognosy And Ethnopharmacology 819 srastogi@nbri.res.in
30 DR. INDERNEEL SANYAL Principal Scientist Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering 955 i.sanyal@nbri.res.in
31 DR. ARVIND JAIN Senior Scientist Plant Molecular Biology 949 a.jain@nbri.res.in
32 DR. C. S. MOHANTY Senior Scientist Plant Molecular Biology 937 cs.mohanti@nbri.res.in
33 DR. HEMANT KUMAR YADAV Senior Scientist Genetics & Plant Breeding 938 h.yadav@nbri.res.in
34 DR. MEHAR HASAN ASIF Senior Scientist Plant Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics 914 mh.asif@nbri.res.in
35 DR. DEBASIS CHAKRABARTY Senior Scientist Tissue Culture Lab 923 chakrabartyd@nbri.res.in
36 DR. SHEKHAR MALLICK Senior Scientist Plant Ecology & Environmental Science 847 shekharm@nbri.res.in
37 DR. PANKAJ KUMAR SRIVASTAVA Senior Scientist Environmental Science 939 pankajk@nbri.res.in
38 SH SOUMIT KUMAR BEHERA Senior Scientist Biomass Biology 860 soumitbehera@nbri.res.in
39 DR. SUCHI SRIVASTAVA Senior Scientist Microbiology 988 s.srivastava@nbri.res.in
40 DR. PRAVEEN CHANDRA VERMA Senior Scientist Plant Molecular Biology 922 praveencverma@nbri.res.in