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S. No. Name Designation Division Ext No. Email
81 DR. MK SHUKLA GR-III (4) Sr.Technical Officer(1) Ecotoxicology And Phytoremediation 829 mk.shukla@nbri.res.in mridul_shukla@rediffmail.com
82 DR.(SMT.) KIRAN TOPPO GR-III (4) Sr.Technical Officer(1) Algology Lab 856 kiran.toppo@nbri.res.in
83 DR. MM PANDEY GR-III (4) Sr.Technical Officer(1) Pharmacognosy And Ethnopharmacology 0 mm.pandey@nbri.res.in; mmp78@rediffmail.com
84 SH SURAJEET KUMAR GR-III (4) Sr. Technical Officer ICT 810 surajeet@nbri.res.in
85 MRS. SWATI SHARMA GR-III (3) Technical Officer Technology Transfer And Business Development 897 s.sharma@nbri.res.in; khushi_m14@yahoo.com
86 SMT. LEENA WAHI GUPTA GR-III (3) Technical Officer Bioinformatics 0 leena_wahi@rediffmail.com
87 SHRI SURESH KUMAR SHARMA GR-III (3) Technical Officer Distant Res. Centres 960 sk.sharma@nbri.res.in s_sharma007@rediffmail.com
88 SHRI KRISHNA NAND MAURYA GR-III (3) Technical Officer Genetics, Plant Breeding And Agrotechnology 0 krishnababu_78@rediffmail.com
89 SMT. BABITA KUMARI GR-III (3) Technical Officer Ecotoxicology And Phytoremediation 0 b.kumari@nbri.res.in
90 DR. GEET GOBIND SINAM GR-III (3) Technical Officer Ecotoxicology And Phytoremediation 827 geetgovind@nbri.res.in
91 SH. SUMIT YADAV GR-III (3) Technical Officer Microbiology 926 sumit.yadav@nbri.res.in; sumityadav2001@rediffmail.com
92 DR. KRISHAN KUMAR RAWAT GR-III (3) Technical Officer Seed Biology 857 kk.rawat@nbri.res.in
93 MS DIBYA DOLRIDGE TOPPO GR-III (3) Technical Officer Tissue Culture Lab 921 ddtoppo@nbri.res.in
94 SH SOMANATH SWAIN Techincal Officer Electric Division 865 somanathswain@nbri.res.in
95 DR. SATISH KUMAR Technical Officer Botanic Garden 966 satish.kumar@nbri.res.in
96 SH PRASHANT SRIVASTAVA Technical Officer Information and Communication Technology 810 p.srivastava@nbri.res.in
97 SHRI JAY CHAND Technical Officer Central Instrumentation Facility 935
98 MS. SHEWTA SINGH Technical Assistant Distant Res. Centres 0 s.singh@nbri.res.in
99 SHRI RAMESHWAR PRASAD Technical Assistant Plant Breeding 0 rameshwar@nbri.res.in
100 MS.REKHA KANAUJIYA Technical Assistant Plant Physiology 0 rekha.nbri@nbri.res.in