Dr. A.K. Asthana

Sr. Principal Scientist

Research Interests

Bryology Group at CSIR-N.B.R.I works for assessment of Bryophyte diversity in India, their conservation strategy and utilization for human welfare and public awareness about these plants. It actively looks forward to train the postgraduate students, researchers & young scientists for capacity building and Human Resource development in the field of Bryology.

Major areas of work on which group focus are morpho-taxonomic and quantitative data analysis of floristic diversity of Bryophytes in India, monographic and revisionary studies, ex situ conservation and morphogenesis of Liverworts, Mosses and Hornworts. In addition, work on heavy metal accumulation, antimicrobial and other medicinal properties of bryophytes have also been done in collaboration with other research groups of the Institute and promising result have been achieved.


Group is working in the field of Bryology with the following objectives:

– To explore and assess the diversity of Indian Bryophytes and preparation of an account of Bryophyte resources of India.

– Enrichment of CSIR-N.B.R.I., Herbarium, Lucknow (LWG) represented by bryophytes from various Bio-geographical regions of India.

– To explore the economic & medicinal importance of Indian Bryophytes for Human Welfare.

– To standardize the protocol for in vitro propagation and multiplication of RET and potential Bryophytes.

– Introduction, acclimatization and maintenance of living germplasm of significant bryophytes in Moss House at Botanic Garden for educative purpose and general awareness of people.

Dr. A.K. Asthana

Sr. Principal Scientist

Research Summary

Dr. A.K. Asthana

Sr. Principal Scientist


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Dr. A.K. Asthana

Sr. Principal Scientist


Dr. A.K. Asthana

Sr. Principal Scientist

Research Scholars

Dr. Reesa Gupta, Young Scientist

Mrs. Isha Pathak, SRF DST Inspire

Mr. Priyanshu Srivastava, Project Assistant-II

Ms. Ichha Omar, Ph.D. Scholar

Mr. Dayanidhi Gupta, Ph.D. Scholar

Dr. A.K. Asthana

Sr. Principal Scientist


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