11:17:22 AM Wednesday, 24 July 2024
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Presently, cultivation and trade of ornamental plants have attained the status of a highly profitable industry in many countries. Owing to lucrative commercial opportunities, floriculture has immense potential for expansion in our country. The Institute organized two Annual Flower Shows viz. Rose & Gladiolus in January and Chrysanthemum & Coleus in December. These shows are of international standard displaying R&D work on ornamental horticulture for promoting interest among the garden lovers, progressive farmers, connoisseurs and general public towards the cultivation of ornamental plants. It provides an opportunity to the scientists, researchers, horticulturists, gardeners and general public for interaction on problems of mutual interest.

Introduction, documentation and improvement of indigenous economic and ornamental plant species are extremely important for maintaining and intensifying the research character of the Botanic Garden. Efforts are underway for the enrichment of germplasm collection of some important groups like Bromeliads, Cycads, Clerodendrum, Ixora, Jasminum, Nerium, Plumeria, orchids, lichens, bryophytes and ferns.