10:18:15 AM Sunday, 5 February 2023
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"CSIR-NBRI welcomes corporate to invest CSR funds in R&D of the Institute, please contact Head, PME" | "Notification for Morning Walkers" | "CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (CSIR-NBRI), Lucknow Mous"

Director's Message

Dr. Ajit Kumar Shasany

Director, CSIR-NBRI , Lucknow

Established in 1789 AD as a Royal Garden by the then Nawab of Oudh, Saadat Ali Khan, the “CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute” acquired its present name in the year 1978. Prior to that it was christened as “Sikandar ...more...


Undertaking basic and applied research on various aspects of plant science, including documentation, systematics, conservation, prospection and genetic improvement with particular emphasis on under-exploited, non-traditional and wild plant genetic resources of the country for sustainable development and human welfare.

Core Strength

  • Plant diversity, systematics and databases
  • Bioprospection and product development
  • Botanic garden, plant conservation, and development of new varieties of floricultural plants
  • Microbes for enhanced plant productivity
  • Pollution remediation through plants and microbes
  • Climate change adaptation and carbon sequestration
  • Plant improvement through conventional and molecular breeding, and genetic engineering
  • Agro-technologies for sustainable development of sodic and shifting cultivation lands
  • Societal development activities through outreach programmes