10:41:51 PM Wednesday, 12 May 2021
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Name Designation Tel.no. (Code: 0522) Email Area
Shri Bhaskar Jyoti Deuri Controller of Administration (Additional Charge) 2297876 coa@nbri.res.in


Name Designation Tel.no. (Code: 0522) Email Area
Shri Sanjeev Shekhar Controller of Finance & Account 2297884 fao-nbri@nbri.res.in / s.shekhar@nbri.res.in Finance and Accounts
Shri Prasoon Mishra Finance & Account Officer 2297886 pr.misra@nbri.res.in Finance and Accounts
Shri Surya Kant Singh Finance & Account Officer 2297885 sk.singh@nbri.res.in Finance and Accounts
Shri R P Tripathi Finance & Account Officer 2297841 rp.tripathi1@nbri.res.in Finance and Accounts
Name Designation Tel.no. (Code: 0522) Email Area
Shri Dinesh Kumar Store & Purchase Officer 2297879 spo@nbri.res.in Store & Purchase
Name Designation Tel.no. (Code: 0522) Email Area
Km. Prabha Tirkey Section Officer (G) 2297882 prabha.tirkey@nbri.res.in General Section
Shri Kaushalendra K Saxena Section Officer (G) 2297894 kk.saxena@nbri.res.in Establishment Section
Shri Sachin Mehrotra Section Officer (S&P) 2297861 s.mehrotra@nbri.res.in Store & Purchase
Name Designation Tel.no. (Code: 0522) Email Area
Shri Bijendra Singh Hindi Officer 2297871 brijesh.singh@nbri.res.in Raj Bhasha Hindi Section
Name Designation Tel.no. (Code: 0522) Email Area
Shri S K Pandey Security Officer 2297901 sk.pandey@nbri.res.in Security Section
Name Designation Tel.no. (Code: 0522) Email Area
Shri B P Pandey Private Secretary 2297802 bhanu.pandey@nbri.res.in Director Office
Shri Ram Naresh Private Secretary 2297877 ramnaresh@nbri.res.in AO/COA Office
Name Designation Tel.no. (Code: 0522) Email Area
Smt Sona Lamsal Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297895 s.lamsal@nbri.res.in Establishment Section
Shri Anil Kumar Upadhyay Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297891 anil.upadhyay@nbri.res.in Recruitment & Assessment Section
Smt. Anita Arora Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297883 anita.arora@nbri.res.in General Section
Shri Devashish Abrol Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297883 devashish@nbri.res.in General Section
Shri Deep Chandra Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297893 d.chandra@nbri.res.in Bill Section
Shri Mohd Moin Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297893 md.moin@nbri.res.in Bill Section
Shri  Arun Kumar Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297891 amrit99@nbri.res.in Vigilance & Legal Section
Shri Surendra Singh Yadav Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297895 ss.yadav@nbri.res.in Establishment Section
Shri Sibtain Jafar Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297891 sibtain@nbri.res.in Recruitment & Assessment Section
Shri Alok Jain Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297895 alok.jain@nbri.res.in Establishment Section
Shri V K Singh Asst. Section Officer (G) 2297883 vk.singh@nbri.res.in General Section
Shri Ghayas Uddin Asst. Section Officer (F&A) 2297887 ghayas@nbri.res.in Finance and Accounts
Km. Archana Bindra Asst. Section Officer (F&A) 2297887 archana@nbri.res.in Finance and Accounts
Shri H N Dwivedi Asst. Section Officer (S&P) 2297881 harish.dwivedi@nbri.res.in Store & Purchase
Shri Vivek Kumar Yadav Asst. Section Officer (S&P) 2297862 vivek.kumar@nbri.res.in Store & Purchase
Smt Sushma Verma Asst. Section Officer (S&P) 2297881 s.verma@nbri.res.in Store & Purchase
Name Designation Tel.no. (Code: 0522) Email Area
Shri Devarshi Rastogi Sr.Secretariat Assistant (G) 2297883 devrashi.nbri@nic.in General Section
Shri Krishna Magan Pal Sr.Secretariat Assistant (G) 2297883 krishna.magan999@gmail.com General Section
Shri Kamal Srivastava Sr.Secretariat Assistant (G) 2297895 ssiddhart1992@gmail.com Establishment Section
Shri Niraj Kumar Sr.Secretariat Assistant (G) 2297891 niraj18nitesh@gmail.com Recruitment & Assessment Section
Shri Aashish Kumar Sr.Secretariat Assistant (G) 2297893 ashishkumarbbk2@gmail.com Bill Section
Shri Adarsh Kumar Sr.Secretariat Assistant (G) 2297893 adarsh@csio.res.in Bill Section
Shri Amar Pal Singh Bisht Sr.Secretariat Assistant (G) 2297891 ap.singh@nbri.res.in Recruitment & Assessment Section
Km. Pooja Maurya Sr.Secretariat Assistant (F&A) 2297887 poojamourya15121994@gmail.com Finance and Accounts
Shri  Mohit Hitaishy Sr.Secretariat Assistant (F&A) 2297887 mohit.hitaishy@gmail.com Finance and Accounts
Shri Mayank Mishra Sr.Secretariat Assistant (S&P) 2297881 makm5239@rediffmail.com Store & Purchase
Shri Surendra Singh Sr.Secretariat Assistant (S&P) 2297862 surendra@nbri.res.in Store & Purchase