10:57:15 PM Sunday, 19 May 2024
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CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute is a premier Institute of the country in the area of Herbal Products Research with the expertise in pharmacognosy, ethnopharmacology and Phytochemistry needed for herbal product and drug development.It adopts an integrated approach that blends the best of the traditional medicine with the most modern scientific knowledge and expertise, tools and technology. It can play a vital role in promoting ASU products and drugs and also in development of new products/drugs /new chemical entities. Varieties of industrially important medicinal plants with desired chemoprofiles and for production of therapeutic phytochemicals.Metabolomics of medicinally and economically important plants for the development of herbal technologies.The novel drug delivery using nanotechnology is also explored in order to improve bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy of the drug phytomolecules. Application of carbohydrates, gums and herbal colours in personal care, foods, cosmetics and textiles. It also supports formulation related preclinical (mouse and rats) studies for the herbal product/drug development.

Mission and goals

  • Development of monographs and chemotyping of industrially important medicinal plants.
  • Metabolomics of medicinally and economically important plants.
  • Isolation and characterization of bioactive compound(s) of aromatic oils, fats and medicinal plants for industrial applications.
  • Preparation of certified reference materials of important bioactive phtyochemicals.
  • Putative mechanism elucidation and pharmacological assessment of marker compounds of plant extracts and herbal products/drugs.
  • Novel drug delivery systems to improve bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy of the drug phytomolecules.
  • Development of scientifically validated and innovative herbal products (pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals &cosmaceuticals) as well as value-addition using gums and biopolymers.