Dr. Sanjeev K. Ojha

Senior Principal Scientist

Research Interests

A fellow of “Society of Ethnobotany”, working primarily on herbal/ ayurvedic formulations, validation of traditional Knowledge, developing novel compositions / formulations for better health care as well as income generation through plant wealth.


Worked on The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Part-II Vol-I, II & III First Edition (Formualtions). Published by Govt. of India. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Department of Ayurveda Yoga & Naturapathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH), New Delhi. 2007, 2008 & 2010 Contributed 21 formulations as Co-PI.

– Recently developed antidiabetic formulation NBRMAP/BGR-34 marketed by M/s Aimil Pharmaceutical, and recipient of Technology award for Life Sciences- 2016.

– Conceptual designing of formulation & development of composition of  NBIRASOF Herbal soft drink the technology transferred to M/s 3D Nutrients, Ratlam (MP) in 2019.


Having more than 36 research publications, 4 chapters in the book, guided one PhD, 4 MD (Ayu)/MPharma, having several patents on herbal formulations.


Also served as consulting ayurveda physician at CSIR Dispensary (2012-2018).

Dr. Sanjeev K. Ojha

Senior Principal Scientist

Research Details

Dr. Sanjeev K. Ojha

Senior Principal Scientist


– Ch. V. Rao, S. K. Ojha, K.Radhakrishnan, R. Govindarajan,.S Rastogi, Mehrotra, S. & P. Pushpangadan.(2004). Antiulcer activity of Utleria salicifolia rhizome extract. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 91:243-249

Ojha S.K., Rao Ch.V., Mehrotra S., Pushpangadan P..(2004) “Ayurvedic norms for standard drugs”. Aryavaidyan Vol. XVII- 4 pp.212-215

Rai V, Kakkar P, Misra C, Ojha SK, Srivastava N, Mehrotra S (2007). Metals and organochlorine pesticide residues in some herbal Ayurvedic formulations. B. Environ. Contam. Tox. 79(3): 269-72.

M. Bavani Eswaran, S. Surendran, M. Vijayakumar, S.K. Ojha, A.K.S. Rawat, Ch.V. Rao, Gastroprotective activity of Cinnamomum tamala leaves on experimental gastric ulcers in rats. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 128 (2010) 537–540

Garima Pandey, G. Rajesh Kumar, Shyam Sundar Gupta, S. K. Ojha and Ch V. Rao Wound Repair and Anti-inflammatory Potential of Fumaria indica in Excision Wound-induced Rats British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Vol.: 4, Issue.: 2 (March-April)2014, Page 257-266

Preeti Chandra, Rekha Kannujia, Ankita Saxena, Mukesh Srivastava, Lal Bahadur, Mahesh Pal, Bhim Pratap Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Ojha, Brijesh Kumar; Quantitative determination of multi markers in five varieties ofWithania somnifera using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with hybrid triple quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometer combined with multivariate analysis: Application to pharmaceutical dosage forms Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Vol 129,(2016), Pages 419–426

S Kumar, A Singh, V Bajpai, M Srivastava, BP Singh, S Ojha, B Kumar;  Simultaneous Determination of Bioactive Monoterpene Indole Alkaloids in Ethanolic Extract of Seven Rauvolfia Species using UHPLC with Hybrid Triple Quadrupole Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry; Phytochemical Analysis 27 (5), (2016)296-3

Swati Shukla, Sanjeev Kumar Ojha, Gaurav K Mishra, Sheelu Gupta and T Venu Gopal Roy A review of comparative pharmacognostic and phytochemical study of drugs mentioned as Rasna: (Pluchea lanceolata (DC.) Oliv. & Hiern verses Alpinia galanga (L.) Willd.)  Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 2018; 7(3): 2410-2416.

Dr. Sanjeev K. Ojha

Senior Principal Scientist


Patent: 13 nos. 

– Health protective herbal soft drink-1

Health protective herbal soft drink-2

Herbal composition for cuts burns and wound

Antihyperlipidemic and slimming herbal composition(s)

Antiarthritic herbal composition(s)

Development of herbal formulation in treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

Herbal oro-dental care composition for the treatment of halitosis & mouth ulcer

Development of herbal nutritious chocolate and its processing

A novel immunomodulatory and anti-allergic herbal formulation(s)

Novel herbal combination as local anesthetic

Functional herbal cigarette in controlling body weight and composition.

Herbal dietary formulation and method of preparation thereof

A novel formulation for polyherbal masticatory product useful for tobacco de-addiction and health rejuvenation

Dr. Sanjeev K. Ojha

Senior Principal Scientist

Research Scholars

Dr. Sanjeev K. Ojha

Senior Principal Scientist


Pharmacognosy & Ethnopharmacology Division,

CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI),

Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow – 226 001 (India)

Phone no.: 0522-2297977

Email: dr.sanjeevojha@nbri.res.in